2023 Lexus RX

The Next Chapter of the RX Story

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Lexus pioneered the luxury crossover segment with the launch of the RX more than 20 years ago. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal the next chapter of the RX story—a vehicle that embodies the transformation of the Lexus brand. Completely redesigned from the wheels to the roof rails, the 5th generation RX features a new global platform; three new powertrain options, including two electrified versions; Lexus Safety System+ 3.0; and Lexus Interface Multimedia System.

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Questions and Answers

Do any of the new RX's take regular gas?

Yes, even though the RX 350H is recommending premium fuel for the best efficiency and power, you can certainly put regular gas in it! However, the gas-only RX 350 and, also, the RX 500H both require premium fuel!

Does the new RX have a 4-cylinder engine?

Yes, although the RX for many years used a V6 engine, this new 4-cylinder is so much lighter and has amazing specifications that the vehicle is quicker than the previous V6 model!

Is the new RX slower than the previous one?

No, the new RX is actually 200 pounds lighter than previous models and, with the new tweaks, it is quicker than previous generations!

Do you think the new RX is going to be as reliable as the last one?

Yes, Lexus even developed the turbocharger in-house, which only a handful of companies worldwide do.

Has it gotten bigger?

The wheelbase has increased slightly to be able to increase handling and ride quality!