Collision & Glass

Bad Accident?
The Performance Lexus auto body shop can help you erase the memory

We make miracles happen? Or so drivers from Grimsby, Burlington and Oakville say. The magic we work, however, isn't designed to impress a five-year old at a birthday party. It's aimed at delighting adult drivers after they've incurred damage to their vehicle in an accident - regardless of how minor or harrowing.

Judging from how many patrons come to us by word of mouth - it's working.

See, we don't mask damage. We work to return all vehicles that come into our shop to their true, pre-accident condition - or better. If that's the kind of over-achiever work ethic you're looking for, be sure to contact us today.

Sample Menus of Lexus Auto Body Shop Services Available at Performance Lexus of St Catharines

  • Lexus exhaust repairs
  • Lexus tire repairs and replacements
  • Lexus dent repairs
  • Lexus windshield repairs
  • Lexus wheel repairs
  • Lexus brake repairs and replacements

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