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  • Niels Pedersen
    General Manager
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Dave White
    Used Car Manager
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Mike Brownlee
    General Service Manager
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Maurizio Fabiano
    Service Manager
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Paul Garrett
    Parts Manager

  • Linh Ngo
    Financial Services Manager
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Marina Soare
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

    Reviews about Marina

    "I have written a letter of appreciation to you about Marina before, however, I feel that there can never be enough said or written about Marina to totally summarize the way she is with her customers.

    Honesty is the key here with Marina as we absolutely know that she will work her hardest to give us the best possible deal on what we are interested in buying. She never pressures us but quietly answers question and is there when we need her. Her knowledge of the business is evident and she knows what she could suggest that will work!

    She is polite, friendly and eager to make the entire experience comfortable for the customer" - Margaret T.

    "In particular, Marina Soare was diligent and professional in directing the sales process from test drive to completion, even to the extent of facilitating my payout of the outstanding lien to MB Financial. It was also gratifying that she was able to realize a higher value on my trade in than was first expected, and that the benefit was instantly applied to the sales contract. Such integrity and transparency is highly appreciated by me. It was a pleasure to deal with her." - William B.

    "I recently purchased a ES350 from Performance Lexus (June purchase-July delivery).  This is the first vehicle I have purchased from Performance.

    "I dealt with Marina Soare for the evaluation and purchase.  Over my fifty years of purchasing  vehicles I have had many experiences (some favorable, some not). Without exception the experience with Performance was the best. Marina listened carefully and responded to my requests & concerns prior to the negotiating.  She treated my offer seriously and we reached an acceptable compromise together. 

    Thank you for providing a professional service to the Niagara community." - Dave W.

  • Ralph Fazio
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

    The service provided by Performance Lexus influenced my decision to purchase another one. Ralph & Vince were wonderful to deal with along with all of the staff at Performance Lexus. This is not in my neighbourhood but I traveled from Brinbrook to buy my car from them. They know how to treat patrons." - Susan D.

    How nice of you to call to inquire about our little girl....it is always a pleasure to deal with you and the staff at Performance and we look forward to future dealings." - Jill S.

    "It was such a pleasure dealing with Sales Rep Ralph Fazio. We never felt rushed or pressured in any way." - Peter R.

  • Troy MacPherson
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    "I just want to pass on my appreciation for the outstanding customer service I received from one of your consultants.

          Last Thursday, I visited Service Ontario to replace my license plates. When I went to remove the rear plate, I found a knobby plastic piece with a screw in the centre. When I tried to unscrew, the screws snapped off. I could not get the plate off. As I was trying to figure out what to do, I noticed the frame which said 'Performance Group', where I had bought the car, six years ago.

          I took my chances and went straight to the showroom and walked into the Lexus side. I found Troy MacPherson at his desk and explained my situation. Without hesitation, he offered to help. He could have said "Sorry about that, but that's not my job. Try the shop out back". Instead, he spent about 20 minutes with me, coming in and and of the showroom to get tools and directing customers at the same time. (It was your special one-day sale event.) He got the plate off, gave me some new screws and re-attached to get me to the license bureau.

          I was very impressed with his willingness to help a person in distress even though there was no potential sale. I will remember that when the time comes to buy a new car. Please pass on my gratitude." - Wayne Shepard

    I wanted to let you know about my experience with your dealership.  I had the pleasure of working with Troy and Colleen during my recent purchase of a lexus GS450h.  Both of them took the time to answer my questions, get back to be promptly with information I needed and were very professional.  They also seem to be genuinely nice people.

    Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting them in person, I will certainly think of purchasing my next vehicle from your dealership even though I live in Ottawa because of the experience I had with them.  I also work in a service industry and know how important treating clients well is and thought that you should know about the excellent service being provided by them." - Husein Moloo

  • Stephen Andrews
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Trina Asselin
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Chris Moorhouse
    Service Advisor

  • Ursula Corlis
    Service Advisor
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

    Reviews about Ursula

    "She has always amazed me with her great service every time I visit your dealership, She's always been kind, proactive and accommodating.

    Please note that I drive all the way from Niagara Falls to your dealership to enjoy the service I receive from your staff.  Especially Ursula." - Ash B.

    "I would also like to acknowledge Ursula for relentlessly touting the vehicles, dragging me to your corporate events and insisting that I take them for a test drive. Now that I own one, I'm sure she won't let me forget when to service it either." - William B.

    "Ursala has always been a service superstar in my eyes...she took care of me, with research, phone calls to me, questions answered and everything I needed." - Margaret T.

  • Tom Bissell
    Parts Advisor
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Marli Slaven
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Sarah Spencer
    Service Coordinator
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Arlene Galucci
    Sales Administrator
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Mariana Ciardullo
    Evening Reception
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Loredana Lera
    Lexus Marketing Coordinator
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Joe Prudden
    Auto Technician
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Steve Sundstrom
    Auto Technician
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Mark Pasquini
    Auto Technician
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Tyler Dell
    Auto Technician
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Oscar Barrios
    Auto Technician
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Chris Paton
    Auto Technician
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Humberto Serrano
    905-934-3336 | 1-800-240-4194

  • Ernie Derksen
    Service Valet Driver