Performance Lexus Discusses Strengthening the Lexus Brand

Anyone in the Oakville, Grimsby and Burlington ON area who has ever driven a new Lexus can confirm that they are indeed a stellar brand. New and used Lexus models have stylish interior and exterior designs as well as many technology, safety and comfort features.

One thing the Lexus brand needs, however, is a story. Toyota Motor Corp. president, Akio Toyoda, explains, "What other brands have, but Lexus lacks, is a story, its own story, narrative or history. I think the contents I can bring, as the head of a global company, also as a racing driver and as part of the founding family, could be conducive to story-making for Lexus."1

Toyoda has set out to strengthen the Lexus brand and set it apart from Toyota by creating a more flashy style for Lexus and branding Lexus as having superior driving and handling. He has recently split the company into four categories:  

  • One part will focus on developing Toyota-brand cars for new and emerging markets.
  • Another will create vehicles (Toyota-brand) for more mature markets such as the United States and Japan.
  • The third is going to be focused on development and research surrounding transmission and engine technologies.
  • Lastly there will be a separate unit for the Lexus brand creating room to strengthen the Lexus brand identity.

Weather or not you agree that Lexus needs a story, the undisputed truth is that Lexus vehicles are high quality, fun cars to drive. Performance Lexus invites Oakville, Grimsby and Burlington ON area drivers to stop in to 262 Lake St. St. Catharines, ON for a test drive or just to talk about which auto parts you think make the Lexus brand great and how Toyoda can use the stellar Lexus auto parts as part of the branding story.

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